A 6-year-old kid spends $16K in Apple App Store playing video games

A 6-year-old kid spends $16K in the Apple app-store playing video games, and this is why parents must watch their child’s online activity regardless of their busy schedules. 

A mother, Jessica Johnson of Wilton, CT. discovered a series of payments made through her credit card over periods of months, and her initial thought was filling a fraud claim. 

In July, Jessica filed a claim regarding these series of payments made through her credit card, which amount to be $16,293.10, and then she was informed by Chase in October charges were legitimate, and contact Apple. 

When she contacted Apple and was walked through a “buried running list of all the charges”, as soon as Jessica saw the Sonic icon, she realized it was her younger son George’s fault. Says the New York Post.

George started purchasing add-ons in Sega’s “Sonic Forces, starting from a $1.99 pack to $99.99 bundles On July 9th, and 25 charges were made to her account that day totaling over $2,500.

“It’s like my 6-year-old was doing lines of cocaine — and doing bigger and bigger hits,” she said.

However, Apple has informed her it’s not possible to refund the money since she did not call within 60 days of the charge. Apple Support was also cold to Jessica confessing that she wouldn’t have been able to make a mortgage payment, telling her “There’s a setting, you should have known,” the mother claimed.

Jessica admitted since she didn’t know about this setting, she hadn’t put preventive settings on her account. “Obviously, if I had known there was a setting for that, I wouldn’t have allowed my 6-year-old to run up nearly $20,000 in charges for virtual gold rings,” said the mother.

Also, the mother added, “These games are designed to be completely predatory and get kids to buy things, What grown-up would spend $100 on a chest of virtual gold coins?”.

Her advice to other parents: “Check your security settings. I’m appalled that this is even possible in these games and that Apple devices are not pre-set to prevent this.”

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