COD Black Ops Cold War is bricking PS5 consoles: users

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is bricking PS5 consoles, and Sony is replacing consoles, which got affected by this issue. According to a player on the Black Ops Cold War Reddit community, the game has hard crashed the entire console, and the user claims this is happening only for this game.

“Well, it’s official. Black Ops Cold War has officially bricked my PS5.
Game has hard crashed the entire console, only game that had been crashing for me on the PS5. Now when I turn it on none of my games will load without crashing and when games do start to load up the screen fills up with flickering and glitching pixels before the console goes dead.” the player said.

Also, another user said that the same thing happened on Xbox Series X, and glad that someone is getting the word out.

The player further added “Also I am aware this is partially a console issue too, however the only game that would crash my console was BOCW. My console had been PERFECT until I started playing BOCW just 3 days ago, since then countless crashes whilst playing BOCW to the point of bricking. To all those giving troubleshoot options it’s much appreciated and I hope others may get use out of them, however for me I have tried everything right down to a full factory reset and installing system software off a USB. If anyone wants any more information just send me a message I’ll be happy to help where I can.”

However, there is no official report on what is causing this issue, the bug is rare, and you might even not believe it’s happening, therefore, if the Cold War is crashing your PlayStation 5, it’s time to take precautions.

We will update this article if we hear any updates on this topic.

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