Twitter will now alert you when you try to like bogus information

Social media can be a place full of real information as well as false information, but how to prevent the spreading of such information, it seems Twitter is taking another step toward that. Twitter will now alert users when they try to like incorrect or misleading information.

During the pandemic and U.S election, the social giant started labeling tweets with wrong information, which misled users. Also, it gave a warning to the users who retweeted such tweets. 

Currently, when you try to retweet a labeled Tweet, Twitter opens a window to compose a quote tweet, and it will also show “credible information” about that same topic. 

According to Twitter Support, to prevent such information from spreading on its platform Twitter will now alert users when liking a tweet labeled as misleading information. The company says adding alerts like these decreases the spreading of misleading information by 29 percent.

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