Introducing WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

You can now send WhatsApp disappearing messages in a group or individual chat which, disappears after a week.

According to WhatsApp, currently, the deletion period is fixed for seven days, and users can not change it. 

Media sent in a disappearing message will also be deleted after seven days, but this feature isn’t applied to previously sent or received messages.

However, the message will still disappear even if a user doesn’t open the app for seven days.

Unfortunately, there are some conditions which you might need to consider before using the service.

If a disappearing message is quoted in a reply, the quoted text will be visible as long as the reply is not deleted. This condition is also applied to forwarded messages.

Even if the app is not opened for seven days, the notification showing the preview of the message will still be visible until the app is opened again.

If a user creates a backup of the chat before the message disappears, the disappearing message will be saved in the backup until the backup is restored.

However, the conclusion is it’s better to use this feature with people you trust since these messages are still vulnerable to screenshots as well as coping the content or even taking photos or videos using another device.

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Stay tuned and stay safe.

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