ROCKFISH Games Delay Everspace 2 Launch Because of Cyberpunk 2077

Another day in the gaming world, we all heard about Cyberpunk 2077 delay, and ROCKFISH games delay Everspace 2 early access launch from mid-December to January 2021 because of that.

Rockfish Games said in a Kickstarter update:

Not only will every media outlet and content creator cover the arguably most-anticipated AAA game in history throughout the entire holiday season (and not much else), we also know that there’s quite a bit of audience overlap within our community (and our team), so…

After a quick consultation with our marketing friends at Evolve PR, Plan Of Attack, and Swordfish PR, we’ve decided to push back the EVERSPACE 2 Early Access release to January. We know that sucks, but hear us out! There’s actually some good in this.

The good news is that any Kickstarter backer that doesn’t have access to the Closed Beta will receive a pre-release key on the 2nd of November 2020, this will allow any who pledged for a digital copy, and the Closed Beta can be played as many times as desired.

Stay tuned and stay safe.

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