Twitter Apologizes for Flagging Your ‘Oxygen’ and ‘frequency’ Tweets as Covid-19 Misinformation

Howdy, tech-readers, I have to be honest with ya’ll, funny things are happening in the twitter these days.

As we all know, tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been trying to stop spreading misinformation about coronavirus in social media and other platforms.

One way to do this is to filter such keywords related to COVID-19 in the process and label false information. Past few weeks, Twitter happens to tag such misleading information, and it begins to flag tweets that link the rollout of 5G to the spread of COVID-19, which is a good thing because there is no such thing as that.

Twitter Apologizes for Flagging Your 'Oxygen' and 'frequency' Tweets as Covid-19 Misinformation

These tweets are conspiracy theories that suggest the spread of the coronavirus was somehow linked to the installation of new 5G mobile networks. However, the funny thing is Twitter also started flagging tweets with keywords “frequency”, “oxygen” because part of the conspiracy theory tweets include that 5G is a dangerous frequency that sucks the oxygen out of the atmosphere.

There is no confirmation that this is the reason why these tweets were flagged, but so far, Twitter has apologized through a tweet.

Twitter Support also says:

To show context about these topics where it’s likely to be useful, we’re building new automated capabilities to apply these labels to Tweets we think could be relevant. As we improve this process to be more precise, our goal is to show fewer labels on unrelated Tweets. (4/4)

So far there is no update when will be this issue gets fixed, however, we can hope it would be soon.

Stay tuned and stay safe ya’ll.

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