Apple Updates iMessage with Inline Replies, Mentions, Pinned Conversations, and More

On the first day of WWDC20, Apple announced multiple new features in iOS 14, and some of the highlighted features in iMessage are Inline Replies, Mentions, Pinned Conversations, New Emojis, Group Photos.

  • Inline Replies – You can reply directly to a specific message in a group chat.
  • Mentions – You can type a name and mention someone.
  • Pinned conversations – You can pin conversations on the top of iMessage for easy access.
  • New Memoji – New hair and headwear styles, and new age and face-covering options.
  • Group photo– You can now upload a unique photo, Memoji, or Emoji to group conversation as a group photo.

Currently, iOS 14 is only available for the beta developers, however, we can expect to see the public version in the fall.

Supported iPhone versions will be iPhone 6s and up.

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