Chrome will soon use less RAM in Windows 10

After years of trying, Google has been finally able to reduce RAM usage of the Chrome browser in Windows 10. According to the MSPowerUser, one of Google engineers has recently revealed future Chrome updates will be using a technique that uses in Microsoft Edge.

This feature is called “Segment Heap” memory management, and new improvements were brought to this technique with the latest update of Windows 10. Microsoft testing shows that it has reduced 27 percent memory usage for Chromium-powered Edge.

I believe this is good news for lots of users, including developers around the world. However, it’s hard to say that Chrome performance only depends on the OS, but experiments suggest that Segment Heap could save hundreds of MB in the browser and network service utility processes.

Users will be able to get the new update as soon as Google is able to develop the browser with Windows 10 Build 19041.0 SDK, the report also says, “this is currently blocked due to some unexplained build failures.”

If you are using limited RAM in your PC, and mostly keep more tabs open, this could make a big difference.

Stay tuned for more details.

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