iPhones may Get an App Named ‘Find My Tag’ and AirTags to Use Apple ‘R1’ Chip

New information has come to light that AirTags to use Apple R1 chip, and iPhones may get an app named Find My Tag. According to the Apple leaker blue_kanikama, internal code has found in iOS that reveals AirTags might use Apple R1 chip.

The latest iPhone models have a chip called the U1 chip, which allows them to communicate with other U1 equipped devices (AirDrop). The technology used in these chips is ultra-wideband technology, and similar to this the new R1 chip has built around ultra-wideband technology, so this chip likely to be a design that supports AirTags to work with paired iPhone/iPad efficiently.

On the other hand, the leaker shared in a tweet which appears to be an app code inside the iOS, and the app is called Find My Tag, which uses ultra-wideband technology.


It’s clear that this app is used for AirTags, but at the time being, there is no information on how it works, or how it looks.

According to the rumors, AirTags are to be officially unveiled at WWDC20 next week, along with iOS 14.

Stay tuned.

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