Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 Review: Internet Protection at Its Best

Our Rating: ★★★★☆
Price at the Time: $39.99

✓ Pros

+ Most affordable & very reliable
+ Insanely fast
+ Webcam protection
+ Mac and Android protection
+ Many additional features

✗ Cons

– No iOS app

Note: despite the current situation of how some claims tie Kaspersky with the Russian government, without seeing any actual proof of these ties, I will recommend their products as long as performance continues.

If we think about the question of why we need computer security protection, I can say that it is a must these days because the internet is full of ransomware, malware, and computer viruses.

And the question becomes how do we choose the virus guard which suit us the best, Well I am here with answers for that. Let’s look at the editor’s review on Kaspersky Internet Security 2020.

At the time of writing this article, there is a 50 percent discount for this specific product, and the starting price is $39.99 with 3 licenses for a year.

If you want to give it a try before the purchase, you can always get a 30 days free trial.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 review: What are Features and Performance?

This product has many features to look into, and some of them are Secure Connection, Firewall, Spam Filtering, Safe Money, and more, and in this review, we will look into what are the most highlighted features.

Safe Money

Many of the features are from early versions of their product, for example, Safe Money does the same thing as before, it protects you from hackers who try to access your card information when you are making an online purchase or using other money-related services, and you might think what else do we need, well, the problem is that any safe browser can do the same thing

Kaspersky Internet Security Safe Money

However, I feel more comfortable trusting a brand that has a name for what it does, and I also like how it pops up in my browser whenever I try to access a service that related to money.

How does Safe Money feature works?

  • When you try to make a payment online, it promotes you to open a protected browser
Kaspersky Internet Security Safe Money
  • If the browser has a green border, that means your transactions are protected
Kaspersky Internet Security Safe Money
  • You can also manage a list of your payment websites
Kaspersky Internet Security Safe Money

Remember you can always disable this function.

Network Monitor

Another feature to be considered is the firewall, and in this case, it’s called the Network Monitor tool.

Kaspersky Internet Security Network Monitor tool

How does Network Monitor work?

You can see all the network activities in one place, and it offers functions like create rules or block all the connections at once, you can also see all the network rules in a separate view.

Kaspersky Internet Security Network Monitor tool

Application Control

One of the advanced function I have seen in Kaspersky Internet Security is the Application Control function, to be more accurate, you can manage how the applications will access your operating system files or personal data.

Kaspersky Internet Security Application Control

How does the Application Control tool work?

When an application tired to access your data or operating system files, Application Control will automatically block or allow it, depending on the rules or prompt to select an action.

Kaspersky Internet Security Application Control tool

We can divide rules into two categories

  • Black List
  • White List

For more details visit the help page.

Remember if you accidentally made a rule, then you can always change it back.

Trusted Applications mode

And Trusted Applications mode is a good deal if you want all the untrusted applications not to access your files or personal data, something like this is always good for a computer that does not have much software. Simply enable this mode by clicking on the enable button.

Kaspersky Internet Security Trusted Applications mode

How does Trusted Applications mode work?

Kaspersky Internet Security checks if the application’s digital signature is available at their security network, if yes it will also check for the trust level of the installer and the source of the application download.

If it detects that the application is untrusted, it will simply block the application from getting installed.

Clean and Optimize, Another good deed from Kaspersky Labs.

There are many PC maintenance tools out there, which have more advanced tools to clean and keep the PC health, but one of the satisfying things is having them all together in one place.

How does Clean and Optimize tool work?

Normally PC cleaner word suggests what it does, and what this does is scan programs for malware, and identify low-risk unwanted programs, this can include programs you rarely use.

Kaspersky Internet Security Clean and Optimize

It can also find non-standard Windows settings that might have changed without your knowledge and clear history.

Privacy Protection and Webcam Protection

One of the biggest threats we are facing these days is unauthorized access to PC’s webcams, with Kaspersky Internet Security, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Kaspersky Internet Security Webcam Protection

How does Webcam Protection work?

After enabling the Webcam Protection, it will show you a notification when a program uses your webcam so you can block or temporarily disable the access or even better, you can disable webcam access for all the program at once.

Kaspersky Internet Security Webcam Protection

This feature comes with some additional settings like private browsing to help you to avoid your data being collected. Don’t you hate when you see ads all the time whenever you search for something online? 

How does Privacy Protection work?

With Privacy Protection, it will notify whenever a website collects your data and it will stop the website from tracking you.

Kaspersky Internet Security Privacy Protection
Kaspersky Internet Security Privacy Protection
Kaspersky Internet Security Privacy Protection

Software Updater

Kaspersky Internet Security Software Updater would give you the ability to update the software to their latest version by reminding you about the critical and recommended updates.

How does Software Updater work?

Software Updater runs in the background automatically and whenever there is a new update, it will show you a notification, and more importantly, all you have to do is just let it update all the software in the background. 

Kaspersky Internet Security Software Updater

if any further assistance is required, it will tell you what needs to be done.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 review: What are the additional features?

There are multiple additional features that you do have to pay to activate, one of them is Protection for Kids, it includes tracking child’s location, device usage time manage, and guards against online dangers.

Kaspersky Internet Security Protection for Kids

Another additional feature you should consider is Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN, it comes with some limitations unless you pay a small amount, once it’s been activated you can have unlimited transfer data and choose VPN location as you want.

Kaspersky Internet Security Secure Connection VPN

If you use it free, you will only be able to use 200MB per day with limited locations.

Last but not least, Kaspersky Internet Security recommends you to download a free password manager offers by Kaspersky Labs, my suggestion is to skip it and look for another better and free password manager since this one only offers you up to 15 websites unless you pay for the unlimited version.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 review: Verdict

Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 is a good deal when we consider most of the features, and most importantly, the price. First-time users can often get a significant discount, but it depends.

However, this is one of the fastest and stable internet security guards with excellent performance compared to other products out there.

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