An app that removes “China apps” reaches 1 million downloads

Howdy, tech-readers, Remove China Apps is an app that was developed by a start-up company in India called OneTouch AppLabs. Their new app has reached more than 1 million users since the first release. 

Remove China Apps was first released in May, and within 10 days, this app became the top free app on Google Play Store with 4.9 ratings. Most of the downloads are from the Indian region.

What is it? 

Yes, you understand right, the name says it all. This app can remove applications developed in China from your smartphone.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple, the user can scan the phone by tapping the “SCAN NOW” button, and then it will scan your smartphone for applications that are developed in China.

As soon as the scan is completed the user will be notified with a list of applications detected by Remove China Apps and the user will have the ability to choose which applications to keep and which to delete.

If there are no China developed applications in your smartphone it will simply congratulate you on that.

Does it affect the OS?

No, it does not, Remove China Apps application simply removes Chinese applications without having any effect on the stock OS.

What is the developer declaring?

The OneTouch AppLabs website says: 

This application is being developed for educational purposes only to identify the country of origin of a certain application(s), we do not promote or force people to uninstall any of the application(s).

Detecting the country of origin is based on the market research but we do not guarantee for any correct/wrong information, so users should act only at their own will.

Our application detects and shows the installed application name only. All trademarks and/or copyrights and/or patents are the property of their respective owners.

This is an educational category application only, developers do not use it for commercial purposes.