Attention-New Malware has come to Light

Howdy, tech-readers, it seems this pandemic can not get any better, the recent report from The Microsoft Security Intelligence Team shows that two phishing attacks have come to light which is masked as an Excel file.

How it works

One of the phishing campaigns will send users emails offering personal COVID-19 testing or related services and other emails claiming to be from “Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security” and tricking them to download and opening an Excel file that has the title “WHO COVID-19 SITUATION REPORT”.

This file contains some graphs which support coronavirus cases in the US but as soon as the malicious Excel is opened, it will download & runs a remote access tool which is called NetSupport Manager, through this tool hackers will have access to the user’s PC.

What is NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager is a genuine software that allows you to use remote desktop access, however, in this case, hackers can use it to get access to your computer and install necessary malware to support their attack.

This is not the first attack using this kind of tool and it won’t be the last, therefore, it’s better to keep your virus guard up to date and be careful when you are downloading files from unknown sources.

Stay tuned, Stay safe, and always check the source before downloading files.

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